Who We Are

Elevate Strategic is led by Deane Pieters OLY, one of Australia’s leading specialists in the areas of sport, business, events and major stadia projects.

Our Founder

Deane Pieters OLY is the founder & CEO of Elevate, a specialised sports-based management, commercial marketing, strategy and business improvement agency.

Deane has more than 28 years of experience working with international, national and state sporting organisations, major stadia, multiple leagues, sporting clubs, athletes, commercial partners, major events, businesses, brands, government agencies & community programs/causes.

Prior to establishing Elevate, Deane was employed by the West Coast Eagles Football Club as EGM of Business Strategy and Growth, where he was responsible for initiating and developing new business projects and leading organisational strategy and growth.

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Our Purpose

Unlocking the potential together to achieve incredible things is at the heart of what we do and why we do it.

At Elevate, this purpose guides everything we do every day by focusing on ten purpose principles.

We bring industry-leading insights and knowledge sharing to light to assist clients to drive commercial and business growth outcomes.
We bring strong connections, industry leaders and alliance partners to help expand your business operations.
We grow organisations and inspire greatness in individuals to help them achieve their full potential.
We help strengthen core business, explore and discover new opportunities and create new possibilities.
We give our clients a competitive advantage by delivering solutions to help engage their fan base, grow attendances and new audiences, promote their brand, build value from new markets and accelerate growth.
We are committed to every client and take pride in everything we do, championing all stakeholders.
We are committed to delivering value for money relationships through tailored solutions that exceed expectations and connect clients to the wider business community, leading directly to measurable value growth.
We manage complexity in a changing environment by offering progressive ideas on planning and organisation strategy.
We bring simplicity to strategy, reimagined by focusing our efforts on the things that matter most.
We apply inspired fresh thinking and a collaborative approach to drive continuous improvement and innovation.

Our Story

Managing complexity in a changing environment will ultimately demonstrate your resilience and future success.

Deane established his sports-based management, commercial marketing, strategy and business improvement agency in 2022 after identifying a gap in the market as a result of unprecedented world events that resulted in critical shortages of skilled labour and industry specialists working in the areas of sport, business, events and major stadia projects.

How organisations manage the complexity of the changing environment will ultimately demonstrate their resilience and future success.

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Our Value Proposition

Elevate provides exceptional value through two key aspects:

  • Quality of our work
  • Low costs and overheads

We achieve high quality work through strong technical skills, experience and a practical approach to project scoping and delivery.

We maintain low costs by maintaining a small team of professionals, engaging select contractors as required. This allows us to maintain low overheads, while keeping all critical skills in-house. We also have a very low marketing spend, with the bulk of our project requests coming from repeat customers and referral business.

This unique proposition puts Elevate in a unique position by showing our resourcefulness, and by offering more value and opportunities to help clients improve their business operations, thrive as a brand, and profitably grow their organisation.

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